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Institutional Credit Application

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The undersigned declares that the above information is true, correct and complete and is given to induce the (“QDH”) to extend credit. QDH is hereby authorized to make such credit investigation as QDH sees fit, including contacting the above trade references, banks and credit repowering agencies to disclose to QDH any and all information concerning the financial and credit history of the undersigned, It is understood and agreed that any such credit and/or financial information will be held in strict confidence and used by QDH only for purposes of consideration of this application.

Upon approval of this application, it is understood and agreed that all purchases will be paid in full and in accordance with the terms of the sale, in NET THIRTY (30) Days from the date of the invoice. Should you not pay QDH according to these terms, it is understood and agreed that any and all credit privileges may be withdrawn immediately thereafter. Further, it is understood and agreed that any amounts not paid in NET THIRTY (30) Days from the Invoice date, will be considered delinquent and will be subject to a finance charge computed at a periodic date of 2% per month, which is an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE OF 24%. Further QDH may also charge a reasonable monthly warehousing and handling charge equal to FIVE (5%) Percent of the total invoiced amount for all items sold and not picked-up or accepted for delivery and paid for by the undersigned, within said NET THIRTY (30) Day period. The undersigned hereby expressly agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees, collection agency fees and/or court fees paid by QDH as necessary costs to collect any and all monies due by the undersigned to QDH and not otherwise paid in accordance with these items.

The undersigned has read and understands all of the terms and conditions stated above and agrees to all of these terms and conditions.