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Best 9K 93K Lock

The Best 9K 93K Cylindrical Door Lock Offers Simple, Safe and Dependable Protection.

The BEST 9K is the toughest cylindrical lock, built to deliver dependable use and superior security in a wide range of applications.

What sets the 9K apart is a low-maintenance design that protects critical components from the damage that comes with every day use and abuse. That translates to a lower cost of ownership over time since the BEST 9K lock requires significantly less maintenance and lasts longer overall. With proven Grade 1 security, easy core interchangeability, and a broad array of styles and finishes, the BEST 9K fits exactly where you need it.

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    Best 93K Entrance Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Entrance Cylindrical Lockset - AB Function
    SKU# 93KAB
    Price $442.81
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    Best 93K Storeroom Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Storeroom Cylindrical Lockset - D Function
    SKU# 93KD
    Price $442.81
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    Best 93K Intruder Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Intruder Cylindrical Lockset - IN Function
    SKU# 93KIN
    Price $505.06
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    Best 93K Privacy Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Privacy Cylindrical Lockset - L Function
    SKU# 93KL
    Price $356.17
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    Best 93K Passage Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Passage Cylindrical Lockset - N Function
    SKU# 93KN
    Price $309.32
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    Best 93K Classroom Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Classroom Cylindrical Lockset - R Function
    SKU# 93KR
    Price $442.81
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    Best 93K Dormitory Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Dormitory Cylindrical Lockset - T Function
    SKU# 93KT
    Price $442.81
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    Best 93K Exit  Function
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Exit Cylindrical Lockset - Y Function
    SKU# 93KY
    Price $309.32
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    Best 93K Single Dummy Trim
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Single Dummy Trim
    SKU# 93K1DT
    Price $131.56
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    Best 93K Double Dummy Trim
    BEST 9K3 - 93K Double Dummy Trim
    SKU# 93K2DT
    Price $257.34

10 results

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