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Corbin Russwin DC6210 Door Closers

The Corbin Russwin DC6210 Door Closers are Surface Mounted, Non Handed, Grade 1 Commercial Door Closers. DC6210 is multi-sized; fully adjustable sizes 1 through 6. this is the perfect closer for high-use openings or openings that must meet ADA requirements, such as schools, office buildings, health care facilities, and retail complexes. The DC6210 Mountings Standard: regular or top jamb. Parallel arm or tri-style packaging, DC6210-A1 has a friction hold open arm, Corbin Russwin heavy duty arms DC6210-A4 Heavy-Duty Reversible Backstop Parallel Arm • Recommended for high-use, high-abuse environments • Tamper-resistant, solid forged steel riveted arm • Mounted on push side, The DC6210-A5 also has a Heavy-Duty Reversible Backstop Parallel Arm , Includes a Hold Open Feature. All DC6210 Door Closers Body Cast-iron case with seamless cold headed steel spring tube. Valves Latching speed valve standard. Closing speed valve standard. Multiple backcheck location valve and backcheck intensity valve standard. See Manufactures Specifications For Additional Information, 

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    Corbin Russwin DC6210-A1
    Corbin Russwin DC6210-A1 Door Closer - Hold Open Arm
    SKU# DC6210-A1
    Price $255.00
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    Corbin Russwin DC6210-A4
    Corbin Russwin DC6210-A4 Door Closer - Heavy Duty Backstop Arm
    SKU# DC6210-A4
    Price $262.00
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    Corbin Russwin DC6210-A5
    Corbin Russwin DC6210-A5 Door Closer - Heavy Duty Backstop Arm with Hold Open
    SKU# DC6210-A5
    Price $299.00
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    Corbin Russwin DC6210
    Corbin Russwin DC6210 Door Closer, Surface Mounted
    SKU# DC6210
    Price $220.00
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