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Antimicrobial Protection with Hager Companies

Antimicrobial Protection with Hager Companies

While germ prevention is an ongoing concern, it is a topic that Hager Companies, and by extension, takes very seriously.

The antimicrobial coating is safe and transparent, working 24/7/365. For providing broad spectrum antimicrobial protection on hardware surfaces, adding the Hager antimicrobial option is a highly effective and environmentally responsible choice. Our coating uses leading edge silver antimicrobial technology, registered by both the EPA and FDA, to help inhibit the growth of microbes on the coated surface.

Silver is a naturally occurring element and the silver ions used have been shown to offer protection without high toxicity to humans and animals. There are no solvents or VOCs in our antimicrobial coating and no toxic compounds or dangerous substances (e.g. lead). Hager antimicrobial coating passes ISO22196 and JIS Z 2801 testing standards for efficacy and has been BHMA hardware approved. Designed for durability with excellent UV resistance, treated surfaces will retain their antimicrobial capability over time.

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This coating is designed for use on a wide range of applications including laboratories, bathrooms, hospitals, schools, child care facilities, handrails, and other high use areas. Using our antimicrobial coating on your Hager hardware will inhibit the growth of microbes and their transmission and add protection to your investment that will last a lifetime.

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